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Vintage portrait using graphite and watercolour washes

TWO WOMEN A4 WHITE copy I have finished the portrait of Doreen Mary Murdoch (nee Taeuber) and Marian Taeuber, mum and nan of Joy Barling. Using an old vintage black and white photograph as reference and using graphite to transcribe the detail and build layer upon layer of tone, drawing the facial features and other details with many hours spent. I then add very carefully watercolour washes. This technique is tricky and time consuming however, the resuls speak for themselves. It is a techniques I personally developed of the vintage portrait, a technique I submerse myself completely in

Greyhound Portrait Painting, Roy and Finn

Roy and Finn -700H

Today I finished the commissioned portrait of Roy and Finn.

The painting technique

I painted this portrait in oil paint using my traditional style of painting. This is  a technique I learnt many years ago after studying the Master animal portrait artists of old, including George Stubbs (1724-1806 British) and Rosa Bonheur (1822 –1899, French).

Portrait Details

The portrait measures 61cm by 91cm and is painted on 14 ounce archival canvas stretched on high quality pine stretcher bars and in addition has a stretcher wire at the back, so making the portrait ready to hang or alternatively the client may wish to frame the portrait. The framing of the portrait should be undertaken by a professional and qualified framer. After the portrait is completely dry, which usually takes one to two weeks I will deliver the portrait to the client .

Roy and Finn -700H

Frankie and her Portrait


Frankie and his portraitFrankie Artist Wendy Jane Sheppard

Frankie with her portrait drawing. Frankie’s portrait arrived safely via Australia Post, which I matted so it would be ready to frame on arrival.  I use Australia Post to deliver all of the commissioned portraits I create except those I hand deliver or  large canvases on stretcher bars. Australia Post has reliably delivered all of my portraits and other commissions for over 30 years. The result is  all of the commissioned artworks have been delivered on time and in pristine condition .

Greyhound Portraits: Cosmo



Cosmo Ross and Cosmo portrait


Greyhound Portraits; I have the honour to undertake commissioned portraits of very special companions to give as presents for equally special people. Cosmo is one very special greyhound companion and family member of Ross and Sharon. Sharon commissioned me to draw Cosmo for her to give to Ross for Christmas. And Sharon shared the wonderful experience of Ross opening his special present on Christmas Day 2016. Cosmo’s Portrait Drawing
“Ross could not be happier with his lovely Christmas gift! I watched his face as he pulled the wrapping paper off and he was speechless and got quite emotional – he absolutely loves Cosmo’s portrait and is so impressed at your talent. We look forward to showing Cosmo’s beautiful portrait to all our visitors”. Sharon Gibb 26/12/2016

My boys, Buddy and Leo are my inspiration

DSCF5641 copy 2

christmas card copy




My greyhounds Buddy and Leo are my creative inspiration and my studio muses’, who with their own unique personalities and character have informed me how I undertake each portrait that I paint or draw. Every detail is so different in each individual, for example Leo and Buddy have very different facial features that is the visual outward signs of their character. Leo has ‘laughing eyes’ , Leo is a happy easy going greyhound and loves to boisterously greet new friends and show his super friendly personality. Buddy is so different , he is the one who stands quietly by when visitors call waiting until he is approached and he will then say hello, Buddy is loyal and is always there, quietly standing by. His eyes express his beautiful nature, his eyes being ‘kindly eyes’.  It is this unique character that I aspire to show in each portrait and not declaring a portrait finished until I believe I have truly captured the individual spirit.

Thank you Colleen for your testimonial for Jacob’s Portrait

DSCF8043 DSCF8073


Thank you Colleen for your testimonial regarding Jacob’s Portrait. Your testimonial has now been added to the Testimonials page on my website @

“This portrait is amazing, the feeling one achieves on viewing it, is from any angle, Jacob actually follows you around the room with his eyes, it is almost if his head is moving, incredible really, he looks absolutely life like.

Apart from myself, many persons that have viewed Jacob’s Portrait are quite amazed with the likeness; also the rug he is resting on is identical with the folds and tones.

Wendy Jane Sheppard in my estimation has really captured my Jacob perfectly. The tones are true and blending perfectly with Jacob’s coat, and whole body, his way of sitting, resting in his usual position. Even I am astounded at the likeness, so happy with my Jacob’s portrait I can cheerfully recommend that Wendy Jane Sheppard is more than capable of being the Portrait Artist for you, be it an Animal or Human Portrait.

I can thoroughly recommend Wendy Jane to take on this wonderful assignment for any client”. Colleen Lewis 9th December 2016


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In memory of Annie, a portrait drawing

I recently completed a portrait drawing of Annie who crossed the Rainbow Bridge just before Christmas and I delivered it personally to David and Margo last Thursday. I am so pleased that they loved the drawing and was delighted that I had included the Edgar’s Mission bandana that Annie wore so often to greyhound events.

DSCF9972 copy

Double portrait of Mack and Elsa

A recently completed commissioned portrait of Mack (Whippet) and Elsa (cat). A pencil drawing with soft  and subtle watercolour washes with strategically added coloured pencil.  A unique style of drawing that is one of my signature styles of portrait techniques. Other examples of commissioned portraits I have undertaken using this technique of drawing and watercolour washes is the triple portrait of Italian Greyhounds Giacomo, Bella and Pia. Also the double portrait of Rose and Violet and the portrait drawing of Poppy.


Giacomo Bella and Pia

Violet and RoseEmail size Poppy artist Wendy Jane Sheppard copy


Ollie’s portrait

DSCF8853In Motion

Ollie’s portrait, a drawing using graphite and watercolour pencil is finished. Ollie’s portrait  features  one of my drawings as a reproduction print. Ollie decided to get the print and modify Ollie style with a few selected chews! I drew the print, as a brilliant idea from Kerryn, as a representation of Ollie’s cheeky fun loving nature.