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Frankie’s Portrait

Frankie Artist Wendy Jane Sheppard

I have recently finished the commissioned portrait of Frankie, a beautiful whippet. This portrait is a drawing subtly coloured using watercolour washes and coloured pencil.

Using caste shadows

I like to use caste shadows to ground the figure against a neutral background. The client’s photograph does not show Frankie’s shadow so I created a believable shadow.  The light comes from the left/ back of the photograph so the shadow would fall slightly to the right and front. The  neutral back ground enhances the  whippet and similarly makes for a strong focus. By using this technique of portrait drawing I realised my aim of enhancing Frankie’s beautiful colourings and likewise her  stunning overall appearance.

Double portrait of Mack and Elsa

A recently completed commissioned portrait of Mack (Whippet) and Elsa (cat). A pencil drawing with soft  and subtle watercolour washes with strategically added coloured pencil.  A unique style of drawing that is one of my signature styles of portrait techniques. Other examples of commissioned portraits I have undertaken using this technique of drawing and watercolour washes is the triple portrait of Italian Greyhounds Giacomo, Bella and Pia. Also the double portrait of Rose and Violet and the portrait drawing of Poppy.


Giacomo Bella and Pia

Violet and RoseEmail size Poppy artist Wendy Jane Sheppard copy