Thank you Colleen for your testimonial for Jacob’s Portrait

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Thank you Colleen for your testimonial regarding Jacob’s Portrait. Your testimonial has now been added to the Testimonials page on my website @

“This portrait is amazing, the feeling one achieves on viewing it, is from any angle, Jacob actually follows you around the room with his eyes, it is almost if his head is moving, incredible really, he looks absolutely life like.

Apart from myself, many persons that have viewed Jacob’s Portrait are quite amazed with the likeness; also the rug he is resting on is identical with the folds and tones.

Wendy Jane Sheppard in my estimation has really captured my Jacob perfectly. The tones are true and blending perfectly with Jacob’s coat, and whole body, his way of sitting, resting in his usual position. Even I am astounded at the likeness, so happy with my Jacob’s portrait I can cheerfully recommend that Wendy Jane Sheppard is more than capable of being the Portrait Artist for you, be it an Animal or Human Portrait.

I can thoroughly recommend Wendy Jane to take on this wonderful assignment for any client”. Colleen Lewis 9th December 2016