My new look website & blog

My website has been redesigned and now i have my own blog where you can visit to see the latest updates on the current commissioned portrait that I am undertaking, as well as other musings from my studio, Welcome DSC00185

5 thoughts on “My new look website & blog”

  1. Wendy, you tap into the spirit of animals. When the painting is finished you have breathed life and soul into the animal. We are left with a true sense of the animal

  2. Wendy, your portraiture of both animals and humans is inspiring.
    Your website easy to access and negotiate!
    I would like to put a link through to my website and blog to promote your work and maybe do a short interview to accompany it.
    I know all animal lovers will adore your work. My site gets a lot of traffic, both within Australia and worldwide. It is a great way to extend the reach of both our websites to new audiences as well!
    I like to write about animals and their care as much as you clearly enjoy animal portraiture.
    Have also emailed re commissioning a drawing of my own pets!

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