Now both portraits (drawn & painted) of William Park Orlando L. finished


I completed the drawn portrait first so I could refer to it when completing the painted portrait. I referred to the drawing for the accurate portrayal of William Park Orlando L’s features and also the correct tonal placement, the lights and darks. I always create a detailed drawing first to use in this way when I am painting major portraits .

2 thoughts on “Now both portraits (drawn & painted) of William Park Orlando L. finished”

  1. All that magnificent equine energy and mood captured to reveal his seemingly perfect confirmation as well!
    Simply wonderful work with via both your drawing and painting. As inspirational as a visit to an exhibition of canine and equine portraiture that I have been privileged to witness whilst travelling in the UK!
    Your work is just so alive, unlike may animal portraits, that can get the animals anatomy right, but leaves them lacking expression and spirit!
    I envy your skills!

    1. Thank you so much Fiona, your comments mean so much to me as I spend a great deal of time and care with all my portraits that I create, really getting to know the individual and to try and capture and portray their very unique essence. I am also a stickler for detail too and everything anatomically must be right, hence studying horse and dog anatomy intensely for many years . Thank you Fiona

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