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Listed here are the prices and sizes for commissioned portrait drawings and paintings for one figure and neutral background.

Please note price does not include shipping or framing costs

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Shipping prices within Australia

  • Drawings and paintings on Paper or Board is $12.00 with tracking number provided
  • Paintings on stretched Canvas is $90.00
  • International Shipping Prices available on request


For multiple figures and/or detailed background or if you would like a particular sized portrait that is not listed here please contact me to discuss your personal requirements and to obtain a quote for Wendy Jane to undertake the commission.

Prices in Australian Dollars

Portrait Drawings on Paper

Wendy Jane uses two different professional papers, which are Arches and Fabriano Artistico.
Both papers are professional high-grade, hot pressed 300-gram watercolour papers.
They are 100% cotton, chlorine and acid free, guaranteeing long conservation and inalterability over time.
The paper is sized both internally and externally, making it ideally absorbent and retaining its nature unaltered.
Two deckle edges and watermarked "FABRIANO+ARTISTICO" or Arches

  • 30 cm by 42 cm = $600.00
  • 38 cm by 57cm = $800.00
  • 57 cm by 76 cm = $1,200.00
  • Larger sizes are available

Portrait Paintings on Canvas Board

Wendy Jane uses Canvas boards that are high quality 100%
cotton canvas adhered to high quality
acid free board guaranteeing long conservation.

Canvas board 1cm thickness

  • 35 cm by 40 cm = $1,100.00

Canvas board 2mm. thickness

  • 22 cm by 30 cm = AUD $700.00
  • 30 cm by 42 cm = AUD $900.00
  • 38 cm by 57 cm = AUD $1,500.00

Portrait Paintings on Stretched Canvas

Wendy Jane uses Professionally Stretched Canvas and is specialised grade, 100% cotton Canvas, 12 ounce, acid free, guaranteeing long conservation.
The canvas is stretched across a high-grade wooden frame called a stretcher.
Once stretched the canvas is coated with professional acrylic gesso so as to prevent oil paint from coming into direct contact with the canvas fibres, which will eventually cause the canvas to decay.

  • 91 cm by 61 cm = AUD $2,700.00
  • 108 cm by 81 cm = AUD $3,200.00
    • Larger and smaller sizes available on enquiry

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